Amazon Fire Stick Maintenance tips

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Amazon Fire Stick Maintenance tips

Follow these simple steps on this guide to help out with amazon fire stick steps to assist you with your maintain good speed more storage on your fire stick

Thanks to Kevin who contacted Amazon and they advised him on some of these simple steps, he asked me to share these and I agree with him that they made my amazon fire stick smoother running a bit.

I hope you guys like this.

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Husham Memar .


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34 Comments on Amazon Fire Stick Maintenance tips

  1. I need your help I can't get the fire stick to connect to my wi fi I have xfinity high speed but it says not in range and its in the same room I just got it it is driving me crazy. I even have a net gear router and it says the same thing.

  2. Hey sir. Do you know how to fix the keyboard? I tried to install a new app but I when I get to keyboard, it was blank. No letters whatsoever. I can't type the command cause the keyboard is blank. Please help.

  3. So I have a fire stick for my tv no computer involved when I got it someone else set it all up and now I want to know can I clean it out and start over so I can add item I want and get rid of stuff that does not work

  4. I tried that already musie and it stayed for 1 minute before going back to Amazon home screen. I thought it was the firestarter, so uninstall firestarter. still does it. now amazon would not let me reinstall the fire starter. thank anyway bro.

  5. my kodi goes back to Amazon home screen after 30 seconds every time I launch it. try force closing kodi and force close the fire stick still kodi goes right back to Amazon home screen? need help anyone??

  6. do you have to do this on each start up of the stick, every time I check this there is data on each of the items shown on start up, great tips well thought of, thumbs up to you both.

  7. Husham could you do a video about the recent updates to the amazon fire tv stick?  The recent update allows side loaded app to appear in your apps library.  I have also noticed that a Bluetooth keyboard can be paired without the setting apk.

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