All New HTC One (M8) Scratch & Hammer Test!

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All New HTC One (M8) Scratch & Hammer Test!

The All New HTC One (M8) Scratch & Hammer Test is meant to encapsulate everyday wear-and-tear to hardcore destruction. Our main goal was to destroy the phone and more destruction is on the way. How does All New HTC One (M8) Scratch & Hammer Test fair? Lets dig in!

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Winner of the S5/HTC M8 will be announced on April 24, 2014 on Twitter (

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40 Comments on All New HTC One (M8) Scratch & Hammer Test!

  1. This phone test stopped making sense after your turned the hammer around! And brushed aluminum is obviously gonna loose going up against steel! There was no reason to completely destroy this phone!! Can you tell I have an M8 ?

  2. this pisses me off my screen shattered on both of mine after the first drop. After the second one I JUST WAS LIKE FUCK  IT IM NOT GETTING A 3RD ONE. I do miss myhtc though

  3. I can now tell this does definitely not apply to all M8's. Bought an M8s and the screen cracked at first drop (from 50 cm's to the floor in a car!), the gorilla glass was fine but it got a black spot at the right top corner. The spot became bigger and 2 months later the phone is completely unusable. Still without a scratch in the gorilla glass.

  4. Why the fuck would you film something like this. Its not informative at all. Every phone will break if you hit it with a fucking hammer. What was the point here?

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