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First Strategy video, will fill-out the description later! My first commentary video, I know it is super long. Let me know what you guys want to see in my videos and I will make adjustments!

Thank you for the continued love & support I appreciate it! Feel free to time-stamp your favorite moments in this gameplay!

The most epic agario match ever! Insanely large score at 10,000 cell mass talk about a giant mothership! Free beer for everyone? Game tips and tricks to become an agario professional!

Agario or Agar.IO ( is a fun online free to play game that you can run on your web browser. It requires no installation or purchase to play. Unlike most video games, this online game is most addictive game when played together with friends. This is a highly addictive game, there are many funny moments, and funny gameplay included in this video.

Agario can really be a funny game, unlike other funny games, is very unique because you play as a ball, circle, or cell. Agario…

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  1. i always split early on in tyhe game because within my time eating the little cells splitting will make it double instead of being 100 im 200 and i even split at 900 as much as i can
    The reason i do this is because and i dont recomend trying this unless you are good and have practice i lur them in and they eat some of me now i only do this when they are split into two or three then i split and they come to me they eat some of me as always then i eat some of the little guys while still split and around them then combine and eat there small guy and then i am big enough to eat them entirely this is very hard i dont recomend it because its risky but i did it today and it worked because he was split into three and i was 9 on the leader board when he ate me he became 7th and when i ate him i became 7th. Keep in mind it is risky!

  2. SO In went on calculator and did this trick I just figured out… He just got a total score of: 16244.39

    Trick: addition everything together with the : being a . and then subtract the number 1-10 on the leader board they got!

    TRY IT!

  3. no one actually plays the game the 'right way' or in any way you actually described it.. which you'd think they would but they don't…. i understand there's no ACTUAL right way to play but , it's every man for himself.. i play on the mobile game.. it's just anarchy.. no one helps anyone. everyone eats you at any size . 90 percent of the time the biggest guys eat you even if you're fresh into the level and have very low mass. i've been playing this game for like 2 years and i've only reached around 3000 mass 2 times.. it's retarded

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