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Take a look inside at this collection of Top Tips and Tricks for pros and beginners alike. There are tons of hints, tips and tricks in this video whether you are a pro, or whether you are a complete noob.

Some of the skins in this version of Agario are pretty cool.

If you haven’t tried this game with mods yet, I highly suggest it. Modding was a blast. The best part, I think, is that you are able to see other people on your server who are running the mod too. Their custom skin shows up!

Agario mods:


“ (sometimes referred to as Agario, adapted from URL) is a massively multiplayer action browser game played in a top-down perspective, developed by Reddit user Zeach.[1] The game was originally known as Mitosis: The Game before a domain was created.[citation needed] In, the player manipulates a circular cell using the mouse and keyboard buttons.

The goal of the game is to enlarge the cell by…

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  1. A bunch more tips:

    Beginning of the game, I'd suggest splitting as much as possible until you're over 100 mass. You'll be able to travel quickly, which will speed up your farming so you can get straight to conquering.

    Not only can you escape players with multiple blobs by going between them, but you can also navigate through viruses the same way. As long as you can keep the virus right on the edge between your two masses, you just move in a straight line and you'll pass through.

    If someone larger than a virus is trying to eat you, make them chase you through the viruses. If they get too close, hit space and eject a lot of your mass into them. If they've gotten too close to the virus, it will end up making them so big they pop, and you can swoop in and take out their small pieces.

    When chasing another player smaller than you, always aim at an angle that will allow you to catch up to them in the long run. They can be moving faster, but if you're having to travel less distance because of the angle you took, you can still catch them, provided your speed is still somewhat close to theirs.

    A somewhat risky but effective technique is to split your mass at players that are half your size. Even though you won't be able to eat them, you'll end up the same size as them, which means you will be able to chase them effectively, since you'll travel at the same speed. Then, just wait for the 30-40 second cooldown, and you'll be able to reform. If you hung with them the whole time, you will swallow them up on reform.

    If the same people are constantly teaming, name yourself as one of the them, and impersonate them. Often times, you'll be able to trick another one of them into feeding you substantial amounts of mass.

    There are countless others that I don't have time to post

  2. krojak is wrong. well right about the split timer

    on an ACTUAL server.

    Split = 35 mass
    W = ~34 mass
    Eating viruses = 132 mass
    PRO TIP: Eat viruses to your advantage to get more score,don't do this near to players.
    PRO TIP 2: don't w,it will waste 4 mass while you shoot out a w.
    PRO TIP 3: You can ONLY team on party mode,any other modes,if you hit the anti-teaming w limit,you lose 12 mass instead of 4 and you get kicked out if you die in ffa,teams or experimental (if your teaming.)
    At 3:09 he was also wrong,the best way to escape players from eating you is to split away from them,this is an useful advantage.

  3. You forgot many PRO tactics. Examples: Splitting to shoot virus, Self feeding to eat opponent, and rage splitting when teaming (Continuously splitting into each other while teaming).

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