Afraid of flying? This app calculates the probability that you crash

Afraid of flying? This app calculates the probability that you crash

An airplane is the safest means of transportation in the world and you’re much more likely to die in the car – these are two things people always tell you again and again if you say you’re scared on the plane. Are you afraid of flying? Then the app “Am I Going Down” might help you, or not.

Am I going down?

This app calculates the probability that your aircraft will crash. However, it admitted that the chance is really very small. Even if you get on a plane every day for 10,000 years, the chance that you will likely crash is still very small.

Analyzing flight statistics

Vanilla Pixel, a London-based company, has collected all kinds of flight statistics and to analyses flight safety. For example, anyone flying from Brussels to Barcelona has a chance of 1 in 5,817,572 to crash. And If you’re flying on a Boeing 777 Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong to Los Angeles, there’s 1 in 4,068,434 chance that your flight will go down.


That is of course still a chance, but very small. The odds of winning the lottery is approximately 1 in 8 million, it does not matter very much. But there are still worried people. Someone actually wins the lottery deposit and aircrafts go down as well, but the app should be a reassurance because chances are clearly small.

A woman with fear of flying

Nic Johns, the developer of the app told MailOnline that the inspiration of making the app came from his wife (also the co-founder of Vanilla Pixel) – Julie, who has a fear of flying. It was a challenge every time to reassure her, so she felt that its time it was in black and white to show how unlikely it is that you crash. In order to make the app, more than 10 million air routes are analyzed.

You can download the Am I Going Down? app from Apple App Store. Android users with a fear of flying have to wait for their version of the app.


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