Adobe Flash on iPhone FREE (No Jailbreaking required)

This is a little trick you can do to enable Adobe Flash on your iPhone.

This flash can be used to:

Watch Flash Videos
See special flash websites
Play Flash Games.

To use Flash, follow the following instructions:

1. Download Citrix
2. Register for a free trial account HERE:
3. Enter the info into the Citrix App
4. Here’s where the trick comes in. Click the folder named “Office Productivity”.
5. Click “Microsoft Word”
6. When it opens, click on the little keyboard at the bottom of the screen and type any web address (though you’d probably want to write the link to where you want to go).
7. Hit return, and then close out of the keyboard, then click and hold the hyperlink.
8. Click “Open Hyperlink”.
9. Now Internet Explorer will open up (cannot be normally accessed in the free trial). This Internet Explorer will have Flash installed, so you can pretty much do anything on the internet now!

Flash for…

50 Comments on Adobe Flash on iPhone FREE (No Jailbreaking required)

  1. For some reason you dont explain any of the process of how to get flash on the phone. Plus you start with an app that's not available unless the phone is jailbroken. This option sucks for those who dont have it.

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