7 Money Saving Life Hacks You Should Know

We’ve put together 7 awesome money saving tips that can save you a ton of money this year… Reduce your bills, conserve water, make your own house cleanser and more!
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Here is a list of items we will be covering today:
1. Vacuum sealing your food using water
2. Using a screw as a battery replacement
3. Reducing your water bill
4. Cut your Internet bill in half!
5. Make your own Febreze
6. Make a natural, Eco-friendly home cleanser
7. Reducing your power bill significantly!

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24 Comments on 7 Money Saving Life Hacks You Should Know

  1. You know what's a good way to save money : never turn on the lights so don't buy curtains use flash lights and the tv at night time.note if your scared of the dark of partially blind this doesn't work

  2. Hey there, amazing household hacks…loved all of them. I am wasting a lot of money on toilet and bathroom fresheners every month and they really don't work well to control bad odor. Can you suggest something that can be a cheap alternative to these costly fresheners but work really well in banishing bad odor?

  3. OKAY the vinegar cleaner he made. what he doesn't tell you is that it stinks to high holy hell. my grandmother uses it and it stinks BAD. granted the smell is gone in about 45 minutes but lingers on your hands and you smell like you just dyed 500 easter eggs.

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