50+ Tips and Tricks for the HTC One M9

In this video we will go over 50 tips and tricks for the HTC One M9. HTC One M9 is a fantastic phone full of rich features and if you want to know all about it, this is the video to watch.

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41 Comments on 50+ Tips and Tricks for the HTC One M9

  1. hey so I have a m9 and you can supposedly use the volume and power button to do screenshot, but it doesn't work on my phone, any ideas on how to fix? thanks

  2. hello…thx so much for this video. it helped me much! I tried to setup my screen shots on the notification menu but I cannot find screen shot icon on the edit quick settings. any advice?

  3. Hi could u tell me when you 1st got the M9 what's the best way to charge it meaning did you run the battery down, charge it to 100% or jus started using it cause I would like to get d best life out of my battery.

  4. THE best, most comprehensive tutorial i have ever seen. most of these are less than intelligible. yours was very well spoken an quite informative. i am vacillating between an htc one m9 and going to the dark side….i6p. while i consider my options, you have taught me how to better enjoy my current htc one first version. not all your tips apply to v1 but some do. cool ! thanks.

  5. Time for free phone upgrade…thanks for a hell of a informative vid.  Decision made and will pick up the M9 tomorrow as I see it is just the cats ass for my needs.  Android is the way to go.  Bye IPhone 6 plus.

  6. Thanks for the video, very easy to understand and helpful. I have a question. If I rooted my phone successfully, but I want to go back to the original lollipop and sense – in other words unroot it back to what it was, is that possible after I have already rooted

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