5 Tips & Tricks – HTC Desire 510

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► 00:12 TEST MENU – lets you troubleshoot hardware issues and check your phone’s functionality.
► 01:06 SAFE MODE – all third-party apps are disabled and some settings are temporally rolled back to default settings
► 02:45 DEVELOPER OPTIONS – In this menu you will find settings used for debugging and application development (like enable USB debugging). Do NOT change the settings unless you know what you are doing !!!
► 03:26 INFO MENU – Phone and battery information, usage statistic and Wi-Fi information.
► 03:58 SNAPSHOT – If you want to share what you see on your phone to a friend, or to save something for future reference.

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• 5 Tips & Tricks – HTC Desire 510
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  1. hello I've been trying to see if I can put a photo on lock screen I hope I get a response and I really need the info I know this vision is old it's just my phone haven't jacked up plz I need a response thank you:)

  2. Who can help me? HTC Desire 510. I've actually downloaded a big size game, and it said that i don't have enough space, now i have only about 500 mb free space, and i can't find that big size file

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