5 Reasons Why You Should Buy The HTC 10!

Could this be HTC’s Comeback?

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38 Comments on 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy The HTC 10!

  1. I agree that this is a comeback device for HTC. That's why I picked one up. No device is perfect but for me, the 10 is a great device for my needs. While I appreciate the LG and Samsung offerings, the DAC, screen size and aluminum build are right for me.

  2. Thanks, you've got some good reasons. Coming from HTC One S, which is a great phone although it could use more space and battery. Slim, bezel buttons for home, running apps and back. Who thought it was a good idea to use screen estate for such actions? Well HTC took that screen back and gave us capacitive buttons again. Thank you.

  3. I too am a Pocket PC dinosaur. My 1st HTC phone was the Star Trek flip phone, then the TyTn from Cingular both running Windows Mobile 5, 6 and then 6.1 before I switched to Android. I even used an HTC Freestyle after AT&T cut off my unlimited data after the "smartphone" craze kicked off with Android and Apple. My 1st Android device is my HTC One M7 that I will still use until Sprint offers the 10. You can't go wrong with HTC's quality and reliability.

  4. i have the verizon m8 for year's and love it
    it is unlock bootloader s off root i was not going to
    bay a new phone especially from verizon
    i was looking at motorolo butt i will definitely buy htc 10 if i can
    unlock bootloader will have to check this out

  5. Htc always made very good phones hardware wise and sense was in my mind the The best android skin now is lighter and more streamline much better The problem with the last three phones was camera now they have improved on the camera i've been away for a while from HTC because of the camera since they improved the camera I'm thinking about going back I'm glad for HTC keep moving forward

  6. I've had HTC phones for years, sense hasn't been bloated and heavy since the days of ice cream sandwich! Going back 3 years to the m7, the last phone of theirs I had since switching to the GS6 last year, the UI expeirience was 100 times better than samsungs childish, laggy bloatware. Although I appreciate the beautiful camera and display the battery life leaves much to be desired and i just hate touchwiz so much. The glass back broke with a case after four months, and I don't even use wireless charging although I have the mat for it. Needless to say, I have preordered the HTC 10. Welcome back HTC!

  7. I love HTC and I'm also a loyal follower of the manufacturer. ONE of the problems I've had with the M8 was that it was built way too good for me to upgrade and I finally think it's time to do so with the 10. If it aint broke, don't fix it philosophy is something I really like about HTC but I am disappointed that the IR blaster will be gone.

  8. I was one click away from pre ordering t-mobile version on HTC site. But I need to get rid of my LG g4 using jump. I refuse to finish paying for the g4 lol I'll wait for t-mobile to have em for sale.

  9. Mmmm few problems…. No on screen buttons physical home back and recent apps buttons is old technology… Screen is too small should be minimum 5.5"…. Fingerprint scanner should be on the back….. No dual front facing speakers….. It's thicker than the m9…. No Google play edition… They should have released a sense and google play edition.. Stock Android is way better….. Battery is still too small…….. I use to have a HTC one m8 I'd actually prefer the m8 over the htc 10….. But My favorite phone is the huawei nexus 6p…. If htc made a better phone then the huawei nexus 6p.. I would buy it….. Cool I'm so happy with the 6p…. Nothing beats stock Android with the latest and greatest updates first…. But this is my opinion

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