4 Solutions for HTC Phones that won’t Turn On / Boot Up / Won’t Charge / No Battery Juice

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Before you dismantle or bring your phone to a repair shop try these steps if your HTC phone (HTC Ones, X’s, Desire, M’s, A’s, etc) will not start up or turn on.

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43 Comments on 4 Solutions for HTC Phones that won’t Turn On / Boot Up / Won’t Charge / No Battery Juice

  1. I'm not sure if I'll get a reply to this, but my HTC M8 will sometimes start up on a logo screen, and sometimes on a blank screen. I've tried a cache wipe and a factory reset but I've not once gotten past either of those screens. Along with that my charger light blinks orange, and when on the blank/logo screen, has no charge light.

  2. Mine was a way different problem…when I want to turn my HTC M8 off, it doesn't turn off now matter how long I hold the power button. Sometimes a window pops up and it said "To restart you phone press the power button and press the volume up button for 10 seconds." The window popping up is very annoying and I just want to turn my phone off…

  3. +ILuvTrading Thanks alot! Helped my HTC One+ Open when i dropped it to river. It opened and i dropped my phone to rice package and it got dry. Thanks alot!

  4. what to do when u have to put charger in certain direction to charge htc one m8 i have tried buying a different charger still the same problem i just need sum help

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