3D Touch on the iPhone 6S: A user’s guide

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What is Apple’s new 3D Touch feature, exactly? We explain and show what it does on the new iPhones.

23 Comments on 3D Touch on the iPhone 6S: A user’s guide

  1. Hey everyone. Is there anybody could help me regarding 3D touch. I cant really use it on my phone. I already enabled 3d touch but still wont work and if i try to tap an app or messages it only suggests to delete or arrange something like that. Is there any other way? Need help here. Thank you

  2. Why did apple spend so much time making 3D touch?
    I mean you can make something similar to a 3D touch by making the phone recognize the length of your tap not the pressure.

  3. For now 3d touch is still new and app developers are yet to find any application for it, by that time comes, iPhone 6s is already outdated and laggy.
    For now it is just same as long press or tap and hold.

  4. What is this accomplishing that long press, back buttons, and just opening something and then closing it again can't? App shortcuts, I guess, but you probably implement that with swiping or just put a deeper link to the features you actually use. It's nifty, but it's not really doing anything super interesting or time saving.

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