3 Tech skills that will hike your salary in 2017!

3 Tech skills that will hike your salary in 2017!

Who wouldn’t love to enjoy a slight raise in her salary? Especially with the staggering level of expenses soaring higher every day, the wisest means of survival is to raise our level of income.

Therefore, the following tech skills are mandatory for anyone who is willing to bring in a heavier cheque this year. Find more about them right now and start practicing right away.

Web development


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The popularity of the internet has already expanded massively; hence, companies are now looking for reliable web developers for designing fully functional apps and interactive websites.

The cross-platform development feature enables the creation of apps for all smart devices. It is also a developer’s responsibility to ensure interactive user interface across all smart devices.

Ensure greater security

As users are constantly sharing their personal information over the internet, it is vital that such information remains fully secured and away from prying eyes.

Well-known companies hire cybersecurity experts by paying hefty sums of money to ensure maximum security and preservation of information.


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Big Data is the upcoming thing

The biggest and most successful of all companies are constantly demanding for workers that are capable of undertaking innumerable data and study them closely for bringing out patterns.


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The R is the only language anybody can start learning right now for analyzing statistics. Furthermore, there is a rise of 9.7% observed in the past year related to R-related tasks. SAS is the next popular programming language available till today.

These are what we believe are going to be the ultimate tech skills that are likely going to raise paychecks. Subscribe to TTN and stay with the flow of the world.

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