24 Hours with the HTC One M9

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The HTC One M9 is a metal flagship with a high-end spec sheet, prominent speakers, and a prominent camera. It’s a familiar story, but this aluminum powerhouse still has one or two surprises in store. Join us for a quick hands-on after 24 hours with the HTC One M9!


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31 Comments on 24 Hours with the HTC One M9

  1. IPHONE SUMGUNG just for fashion is so expensive.i don't make the mistake getting it. if you really want a phone then get vkworld vk800x,it is really good for me,I do not need too many features

  2. this phone is amazing. it has literally everything everybody expects from a phone. (or even more than they expect.)
    20MP camera and 4K video
    IR port
    fm radio
    fhd screen
    4MP ultrapixel selfies
    Snapdragon 810 Octa-core
    and it isn't overpriced like an iphone which you get less from.

  3. I was a big HTC fan and still am but I switched to samsung note 4 after One m8 cause I was so disappointed about the m9. HTC's development is just too slow compared to other competitors which will drive fans away one by one. They need to up their game and make correct decisions or they will be left behind. Whoever is making the decisions now needs to be kicked out!

  4. i just bought the phone im impressed how good it performs and i rly like the front aluminium its something special that other phones dont have .

  5. If you have turned the phone OFF to save battery (as none replaceable) perhaps for later use and you want to double check later whether you really did turn off or not as you are confused. With a home button you can verify easily as screen will lit up if it's on and won’t if it’s off. However, with no home-button, you end up turning it back on again which is extremely annoying.

  6. I upgraded my m8 to the m9 and it's the same shit sort of. I upgraded because my m8s screen cracked so I was like fuck it. The speakers are still really good except sometimes the bottom one stops working and I gotta reset my phone. The battery is a champ. I've been using my phone since 7am, its 9:30pm as I'm typing this and I have 10% battery life still. Can't really complain about this phone. 

  7. This is a fine phone. I had an S6edge for a week and dumped it. Aside from the admittedly sub-par picture processing, this phone does everything else that's practical very well. Looks like HTC's small marketing budget will deep six yet another stellar phone. The S6 hype is real….

  8. I went from Samsung to htc back to Iphone now w the plus which is nice but I loved loved the htc m7 BUT it was getting too HOT that's why I never went back I am also hearing people complain it gets too hot.
    Shame cause I really love the phone 

  9. Sony Xperia z3 and z4 the same.
    HTC One M8 and M9 the same.
    LG G3 and LG G4 looks same but better camera
    Very small upgrades not worth the sacrifice.

    Only Samsung galaxy S6 made a big jump.

  10. I C.A.N.N.O.T live with the ugly black bar that makes an otherwise nice device disgusting to me. I would rather have nexus speakers and no ugly logo bar. Maybe it's just my weird thing but for the love of god remove the damn logo bar, I don't care what it takes and how much it costs

  11. I have a question that I don't think anyone has asked before, the choice between selling my M8 and buying M9 vs getting HTC Re for better pictures! If you can help with that it'll be awesome!

  12. The sad thing is, they put a complete different camera on the back. But because they didn't went the whole nine yards, reviewers will, once again, say the HTC One's camera is the weak point. Again.

    At least the black HTC bar got a little slimmer. Which is why the M9 is a little shorter than the M8. Hope they find a way to eliminate it for the M10. 

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