20+ Tips and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S4

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  1. I love my S4 it's awesome and i love straighttalk as to veriozon because straight talk has a better sognal and range also i can get a sognal in a gughe biulding too. thank you straighttalk.

  2. Great job!!!! 🙂
    NOTE: if u want to delete folder in app menu, go to: menu, soft key, view type and select customizable grid. Soft key again, edit, than put some icons in that folder. Long press on folder and trash him. U will see notification something …folder will be deleted but apps not and that`s it :)

  3. Had this phone for two years now and i never knew about the multiwindow, i always have the white bar thing hidden, i hated the little arrow sticking out. If only i had known i could multitask like that… buying a Z4 if its released this year, so abit to late to think of this now. 😀 Great vid though! Also, i cant seem to do that gesture thing where it shows time and stuff by howering across the screen. I turned on all the air gesture options , but it gives nothing. Did i miss something?

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