20 More Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 8.4! (August 2015)

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A look at 20 jailbreak tweaks for iOS 8.4 that were recently released. More to come soon! Tweaks include the following:

KeySwipe ($1.00)
FrontCamUnMirror (free)
SwipeToDelete (free)
SongCount (free)
Hide Badge Text (free)
FastCenters (free)
Siria (free)
Browsix ($2.99)
NoTrending (free)
NoNowPlayingStatusBar (free)
Floater (free)
DarkCC (free)
RomanPasscode (free)
Gauss 2 ($0.99)
Velox Lite (free)
Cydia Ratings (free) – http://apt.mootjeuh.com
SmartSourcePrompt (free)
ProximityActivator (free)
AniBanner ($0.99)
TextSearch (free)
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21 Comments on 20 More Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 8.4! (August 2015)

  1. Will Atom 2 tweak effectively drain battery more on my iPhone 6 Plus? Since its a hefty tweak, running in the background, everytime the iPhone is locked and unlocked. Logically speaking, I want to keep my battery life as much unaffected as possible by the many tweaks I installed, and tweaks that run in the background I get a feeling drain battery juice more. Am I right? Correct me if I am wrong! Thanks guys.

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