15+ Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Tips and Tricks

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In this video lets see top 15 + redmi note 3 tips and tricks:
1. One handed mode.
2. Transfer multiple applications.
3. Battery Status (graphical/ percentage/ top bar)
4. how to enable or disable animations
5. how to customize notification LED light
6. what is magnification gestures.
7. mi mover
8. how to manage ram efficiently
9. how to take screenshots
10. how to customize homescreen
11. themes support
12. how to enable xxl text size
13. what is reading mode.
14. what is lite mode.
15. what is child mode.
16. shortcut to launch camera application.
17. is call recording supported.
18. dynamic wallpapers
19. does google now work fine.

Guys watch Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 tips and tricks part2

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48 Comments on 15+ Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Tips and Tricks

  1. First time am seeing your video . Nice . Keep sharing your knowledge .Have you done any reviews and Tips/ Tricks on Lenovo A 7000 . Is it possible to increase the Inbuilt capacity from 8GB to 16GB . Does the do it for a payment?

  2. Sir… any better phone than redmi note 3 under 15k….or should I wait a month more for new upcoming mobiles..?? (My requirements r heavy load gaming, good battery backup,best camera n also accurate figure print sensor)

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