15 Reasons Why The Samsung Galaxy S7 is Better than the iPhone 6s

Here are 15 reasons why we think the Samsung Galaxy S7/ S7 Edgeis Better than the Apple iPhone 6s/ 6s Plus.

Watch Camera Comparison:

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Watch Battery Life Comparison:

Watch Speed Test Comparison:

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More info on the iPhone 6s plus:

More info on the Samsung Galaxy S7:

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43 Comments on 15 Reasons Why The Samsung Galaxy S7 is Better than the iPhone 6s

  1. I just went from a iPhone 6s plus to the iPhone se and just got the s7 two days ago. The battery on the s7 is definitely not as good as the iphone. on my 6s plus my battery would last 12 to 17 hours with heavy use. So far the s7 doesn't last even close to the same. It actually drains pretty fast.

  2. Nobody noticed that he's comparing the new 2016 Samsung S7/S7E to the 2015 iPhone 6s… That's like comparing the iPhone 6s (2015) to the Samsung S5 (2014).. He should wait till the new iPhone comes out and then compare it with the Samsung S7/S7E

  3. I know this is a "iphone hate" video and yes i am an iphone user, but how low can u go when u have nothing good to say about the other device, of course the s7 may be better in almost every way but I know an android fan when I see him :p

  4. I'm an avid android user but this video seems sort of one sided towards Samsung's side rather than truly comparing both smartphones, great video for listing tons of the s7's features though I will admit

  5. this guy is so dumb the new s7 came out meanwhile the 6s from apple is a year old and the new iphone comes out in September so you cant compare them like obviously the s7 is going to be better until apple releases a new phone

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