15 Reasons Why HTC 10 Is Better Than Galaxy S7

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We review 15 reasons why the HTC 10 could be considered better than the Samsung Galaxy S7. This is part two of a two-part #phonebuffstyle comparison.

Watch the Galaxy S7’s version: https://youtu.be/Bm0oz5AzV5Y

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26 Comments on 15 Reasons Why HTC 10 Is Better Than Galaxy S7

  1. It's ridiculous that such a good video of phonebuff gets dislikes just because is saying good things about HTC, honestly Samsung fanboys are starting to make me sick, they are worse than old Apple fanboys. Seriously start accepting criticism. Sorry PhoneBuff.

  2. So gestures like camera shortcuts on S7 is a plus but it's not mentioned for HTC even though HTC had it for years and it's even easier ?? 😐
    and don't get me started on the wireless charging,yes it's fancy and useful,but over long term use it'll decrease your battery capacity far more than a normal cable charger

  3. I own both phones in this comparison and I'd have to say the 10 has more worthwhile features than the S7.

    I use both phones off and on but find myself with my 10 in my pocket at the end of the night.

    I was playing around with my buddies S6 since I traded mine in which had the MM update and honestly saw no difference between the S7 and S6 other than the expandable storage, IP68 rating, and quicker focus on the camera. In terms of speed, truthfully I saw no difference.

    It's a shame Samsung opted to use their Exynos powered S7 in select markets since if it were available worldwide I'd be using that daily as it gets far superior battery life and day to day performance, but I got stuck with the SD820 version which is well known to be inferior in everything but graphics to the Exynos version.

    If you ask me, the 10 is the better phone only because it's not as bloated, has all the features of the Samsung phone without all the unnecessary bloat and duplicate apps, and can be further customized to how you want it, and with an unlockable bootloader it's just icing on the cake for those that want to squeeze as much from the hardware as they can. People gripe about the cost, but if you look at the quality of the build l, the features you get, and the uh-oh warranty it puts it in at a better value than the S7.l in my book.

  4. Yes but it's not waterproof, nor does it have the amoled display. Third, the photo quality is nicer on Samsung, plus many other features… I personally like samsung's UI design. It look premium enough. HTC is fine, too.

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