11 reasons why Sony Xperia Z3 is better than iPhone 6

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As you’ve noticed, we’ve been trying something new here at PhoneDog. Instead of the usual head-to-head comparisons, we’re bringing you a handful of reasons why you should consider stumping up your own cash for one phone or the other. And this week, I’m zoning in on features on the Z3 which I think are better. Among the reasons are the design, camera features, audio quality and much more…

Stay tuned for next week’s video when I will be arguing in favor of the iPhone 6.

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36 Comments on 11 reasons why Sony Xperia Z3 is better than iPhone 6

  1. I've been sticking to the iPhone for a few years, but I think now it is time for a change. (I had a Nexus before my iPhone and it was alright) I still love my iPhone but the battery life and storage has become my biggest problem. And I need better camera quality tbh.

  2. So do you think that the sony z3 is better than the z2, and would you say that the sony z2 would also be better than the iphone 6?? (I am most concerned with music quality, camera and battery life)

  3. I won't consider Iphone until they actually add something practical to a phone other than a touchscreen that has impact sensitivity. PRACTICAL, apple.

  4. being a Sony fan I enjoyed this video alot, but just one thing the up volume key doubles as a camera button on the I phone, but slows the shutter speed down alot. However I think your point is justified as the volume key on the I phone doesnt launch the camera. Well done sony

  5. iPhone is a good solid phone but it is just so boring. I don't feel excitement handling it at all. Samsung is iPhone wanabe copy cat piece of crap! I had that garbage for over two years and had dealt with other Samsung phones before…its all K-garbage.
    Sony, you have totally spoiled me and defined a solid, stylish yet durable and reliable smartphone. I had Sony buttterbar phone in the past and it was my favorite phone ever. But now I am hooked with the Xperia experience

  6. I'm not sure why people get so angry over what phones other people use. Can't they just use the phone that's right for them. I have an Xperia Z3 right now but that doesn't mean I wouldn't buy an iPhone at some point in the future.

  7. you should of mentioned power as iphone is always hyped of having so much power but still only has 1 gig of ram when the z3 has 3 gigs essentially making it one of the fastest phones out right now

  8. I have this, everyone else I know has an iPhone 6 or galaxy 5. Needless to say, everyone else is usually grabbing at my phone and admiring it. My wife has an iPhone 6 and I can safely say that outside of taking regular pics…and just barely…my phone shit kicks hers in every way

  9. I have enjoyed using my Sony Xperia Z over the last 2 years, great phone it was. I have recently upgraded to the Z3 in that beautiful silver green colour, the phone is a major improvement all around.

    The design is elegant and sleek, also the new user interface is refreshing, speakers ? sound is very clear and great to listen to. I still have loads to experiment with on the camera side of things. SONY never disappoint ?

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