11 best Android weather apps

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1Weather – http://goo.gl/N81vvp
Accuweather – http://goo.gl/3bGQv5
Eye in the Sky Weather – http://goo.gl/iZ70wR
Google Now – http://goo.gl/WSnOMK
GO Weather Forecast – http://goo.gl/eM9GWa
InstaWeather for Android Wear – http://goo.gl/4dFqUB
RadarNow – http://goo.gl/Nj3cNc
WeatherBug – http://goo.gl/SMg1Ea
Weather Channel – http://goo.gl/QxAijP
WeatherPro – http://goo.gl/SrPJja
Yahoo Weather – http://goo.gl/GoZmLZ
YoWindow Weather – http://goo.gl/VKUvyf

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26 Comments on 11 best Android weather apps

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  2. I have noticed half of the weather apps are not kept upto DATE! It's fucked up how they want our $$ or to pack them with ads, yet fail to do their job.
    On top of that I have tried many of them and they work great then no longer do anything. I don't get it at all? I have the Note 5.

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  4. Krona Sunlight! Sure it's first and foremost a watch face for Android Wear, but it has out-performed all other weather apps for me in overall usefulness since I don't always want to unlock my phone, open an app or ask Google what the weather is like. It gives, at a literal glance, what to expect for the next 24 hours: high and low and how it gradates throughout the day, current temperature, any foreseeable cloudiness, precipitation (and in what form – snow to rain), when the sun is rising/setting, and how the temperature right now compares to 24 hours from now. Not to mention, it shows time, day, date, and watch battery level (in ambient mode). Quite a bit of customization is available through the companion app/Android Wear App. Can be set to use your device's location or manually selected location. It takes a couple of days to get used to reading all that at a glance, but it's totally worth buying ($1.69)!

  5. I personally prefer the Weather Bug app on my Androids! I really like the "Spark" feature for real time lightning strikes closest to my location! That and being able to load as many locations as I wish. Mark.

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