100+ Reasons To Buy The Galaxy Note 5 Review! (Tips, Tricks, Hidden Features)

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The wait is over! Here are the Top 100 reasons why the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is AWESOME! I cover everything from the camera, fingerprint reader, exclusive apps, unique and upgraded features, to hidden features, tips, tricks, and everything in between.

Buy the Note 5:

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Mind blowing time! (S Note):

LG G4 Top 100:

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Galaxy S6 Top 100:

Step by step written guide:

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32 Comments on 100+ Reasons To Buy The Galaxy Note 5 Review! (Tips, Tricks, Hidden Features)

  1. I just upgraded from Note 3 to Note 5 and I swear I will never buy a different phone again. I am a note user for as long as notes will be made. It's simply phenomenal, much like this video. Well done.

  2. this video answered all the questions that I asked about this device and more. thank you. this beast got every nerd thing that I need and I'm %100 sold to the reason #1

  3. Bought the note 5… 3 weeks later digitizer starts going out. I call it my "Haunted Phone" because it types random crap, opens different apps when I'm not even touching it, etc. Has anyone else had this issue, or did I just get a dud.

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