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From forecasting the perfect hair day to making out with your smart phone. Join us as we scrape the bottom of the app store floor and take a look at 10 very weird apps for Android and iOS. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1wn5P9a

Read the list 10 Weird Apps for Android and iOS:

10 Weird Apps for Android and iOS

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45 Comments on 10 Weird Mobile Phone Apps For Android And iOS – SlappedHamTV

  1. I'm Never Going To That Hunted house Even when I'm 18 years old right now I'm eight The last video I thought it was pretty good but I'm scared of other houses they freak me out so scared I would die

  2. i cringed every time u showed a toilet or mention poop. Euww!!lol.  love your countdowns , i fall asleep watching on auto playlist, after night shift. i totaly look forward to them lol. thank you :-D

  3. WTF is up with this fascination with shit?! For example, why would anyone want to upload pics of their shit to a website and have people rate it? And why does it matter where you shit? FFS, I shit this morning but I didn't issue a press release. Everybody shits. It's not some grand achievement.
    climbs off soapbox

  4. Some guy at my school was on the internet in English class, instead of legit researching, he was looking at random lists of random apps. He found Places Ive Pooped and downloaded it on the spot.

  5. I wish I could come up with a clever app that would make me tons of money!  poop apps seem to be fairly popular.  or should I say, "poopular".  now if only I could come up with some thing…

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