10 Reasons Sony Xperia Z3 Is Better Than iPhone 6

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Apple iPhone 6 Sim Free: http://amzn.to/1AoTR1R

Sony Xperia Z3 Sim Free: http://amzn.to/1D9TtYN

Sony Xperia z3 compact: http://amzn.to/14cMO0S

32 Comments on 10 Reasons Sony Xperia Z3 Is Better Than iPhone 6

  1. I have an Xperia Z3 and I started noticing that the top of the phone was getting unusually hot. When I looked at it, the phone was notably bent right in the middle. I don't know how or when it happened. Must have been because I keep it in my pocket and maybe when I sat down…I don't know. And no, I don't wear skinny jeans. Many people seem to have the same problem

  2. I have the z3 compact and I can tell you it's overrated and overpriced piece of garbage… Just bought my mom galaxy j5 as a birthday gift and despite the fact is has lower specs and costs half the price of the z3c, it beats it in all fields. Better performance, better images quality, better display, better battery life, a lot easier to use and a lot more useful features. The z3 compact is not worth even half of its price

  3. iPhones are now just fashion items I have an iPhone and it's so bad and annoying I've had iPhones for a long time and I'm just sick of how bad they are I'm looking for a Sony or Samsung just so much better phones!

  4. Mums planning to buy me an iPhone 6 and my friend who has this z3 phone, she told me to watch this comparison.. But after all, I still want the iPhone 6. Things I like about it is iMovie ( because I'm a YouTuber and I would like to do Vlogs with it because iMovie is a great editor ), and then video star ( obviously ) and also the apps that you can't download on an android. Plus, I have this waterproof phone pouch, so…

  5. everyone already have an Iphone. what's so fun to be like everyone else? how to basic eats them!
    and there will be another difference. why does apple takes the same boring design all the time?

  6. typical iPhone users who say the z3 is garbage at least I can go out and buy a phone with android and have choices. Iphones look like the same dull phone made from cappy ass material. I can buy a z3 and still have enough money to buy a ps4 and a TV. buy a iPhone your broke for 3 months. the reason you iPhone lovers even like iPhone is because that's what everybody else has. so your a follower not a leader

  7. The Z3 has a well known design flaw which Sony denies. There are literally tens of thousands of people online all reporting the same problem: that its screen spontaneously cracks all by itself. Nice.

  8. You talk XShits , bro. Look at the prices of both phones and think why the hell XShit is so cheap?
    Reason 1: Batery cover is stick with doublesided sticky label;
    …………. You fill then!

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