10 most controversial Android apps of 2014

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Join us as we round up the Android apps that caused the biggest fuss in 2014. Yes, Uber is on the list.

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31 Comments on 10 most controversial Android apps of 2014

  1. so if you want to beat fggots why cant you  ? wtf? whats wrong with that? there is lot of games where you not just beat but kill just regular humans are fags some how better than normal people? fuck thees minorities getting all the special treatment

  2. 1. Put out app about avoiding bad parts of town
    2. Someone happens to tag a black area in a city because it does happen to be dangerous, not because it's black
    3. This happens a few times because there is a legitimate correlation (NOT NECESSARILY A CAUSATION, DO NOT BOTHER WHINING ABOUT THIS IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND STATISTICS) between low income areas and crime, and between black areas and low income areas.
    That app was probably very useful.  I bet it would keep people safe if they are traveling to other cities.  But no, being politically correct is more important than stopping crime against the ignorant.

  3. This is Android Authority, talking about android apps, why are most of the phone pics shown iPhones? I have nothing against them, I've owned a few, but I haven't seen any iPhone vids using Android smartphones….just saying….

  4. That app should not have been removed. A bit of simple fun is all it was…
    You can guarantee that 99% of those who complained aren't even gay. The gay community isn't childish enough to get so butthurt (pardon the pun) over a game.
    It's not like it's inciting hatred. It's just banter..

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