10 Best NEW iOS & Android Games Of May 2016

The mobile scene has no shortage of games on either the iOS and Android. May 2016 was packed with great games–here are ten of them.
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Warhammer 40K: Regicide
Platform: iOS (Android Coming Soon)
Price: $3.99

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
Platform: Android, iOS (2015)
PRICE: $2.99

Talisman: Horus Heresy
Platform: iOS Android
Price: $6.99

Mazes Of Karradash 2
Platform: iOS, Android
PRICE: $1.99

Titan Quest
Platform: iOS

47 Comments on 10 Best NEW iOS & Android Games Of May 2016

  1. Just got excited for Romancing Saga 2 for a second until I noticed it's 18€… I put it on my wish list to see if it will fall in price but I guess this is a brick on my list that I will have to pass on.

  2. I highly suggest The Greedy Cave. I like the fact that it uses barely any data and isn't easy as balls to play makes it a game that I can keep playing forever. But only if you like loot-base dungeon games.

  3. #2 really came onto android! AMAZING! I loved that sad game! would love more games like it who fokus on a great story instead of ultra graphics, i had it on steam gave it 100/10 rating in review ^^

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