10 Best iOS & Android Games of December 2015

The iOS and Android mobile platforms are becoming a juggernaut in terms of gaming offerings, and December 2015’s slate of games are pretty sweet. Here are the best games for iPhones, iPads & Android Phones.
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AirAttack 2
Platform: iOS, Android (Soon)
Price: $0.99

Cut The Rope: Magic
Platform: iOS Android
Price: $0.99, Free (Android)

Platform: iOS (Android Coming soon)
Price: $4.99

Pendragon Rising
Platform: iOS Android
Price: Free (Android). $3.99 (iOS)

Geometry Dash Meltdown
Platform: iOS…

29 Comments on 10 Best iOS & Android Games of December 2015

  1. Hey guys! my friend just quit working in the company that makes the game Sky Wars: Archon Rises you download it from the App store. ( its like Clash of Clans but better   ) its works for iPhone and iPad… The cool thing is that he gave me a code that they give to VIP's ( people that pay money for items) when you go to the settings of the game you put this code > L8vQ and it will give you a lot of money.. so go ahead and enjoy using it and even giving it to your friends because it will expire at the end of the week… cya!!

  2. I love seeing lists of great mobile games each month, but what's with the long list of iOS only games? A few Android only games would spread the love of the devices I happen to own. :)

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