「ZEALER 出品」联想 ZUK Z2 Pro 上手直播版

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经历了不温不火的 Z1,回归联想后的 ZUK 也带来了第二款新机 Z2 Pro,在新机扎堆的上半年,Z2 Pro 又会带来什么不一样的体验呢? 官方网站 http://www.ZEALER.com 官方微信 ZEALERTECH 官方微博 http://weibo.com/zealerchina 2016-04-22

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  2. For those who don't speak Chinese, this guy simply confirmed all the specs announced yesterday available on the official zuk website.
    He didn't mention any info about an international version with a different OS or any detail about the price. We have to wait to know something more.

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