✔ Latest Sony Xperia C phone not turning ON issue Solved

This video shows how to troubleshoot the Xperia C when it Turns off suddenly and will not turn on by pressing the power button.
Watch this video to know how to solve this issue.






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  1. Great video. Can I just say how crappy Sony's software is? I bought an Ultra C5 in November last in Hong Kong and it turned into a soft brick numerous times. It would not start even when the power button and volume down button were pressed at the same time. Often times, the phone would "automatically" come back on after several days / a week. I sent the phone back to Sony Hong Kong who said the mother board got fried.. Anyway, they swapped it with a new one. Half a year later I got it back (dont ask why), after using the phone for a good 10 minutes, it automatically turned itself off. Good work Sony. Well done.

  2. bro  my z2 just showing blue starting screen after sony monogram and not turning on completely,sometimes it shows me android is starting optiming apps and after that its not starting :'( it happens after reboot I also tried hard reset with the red button near sim card slot plzz help me anyone!!!

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